LA Leasing and Sales has over 30 years of leasing experience.  We offer one of the most flexible plans available on the market for individuals and corporations.  We can lease any type vehicle where you set the miles and term because we realize all lease needs are unique and different.  Unlike the traditional manufacture lease program our leases are based on the needs of our customers.  We tailor the lease to your driving requirements and time frame.  Most large banks and other financial institutions usually do not have the flexibility with their lease plans.  We offer all makes and models, new and used.  Our leases are closed-end leases and eliminates the customer’s risk of resale value.  Commercial customers may also realize the advantages of keeping their cash liquid.  By leasing a newer car there will be less repair cost, better cash flow, possible tax advantages and a lease will allow you more car for less money.  Our commercial vehicles include Cargo Vans, Utility Trucks and Box Trucks, both gas and diesel.  LA Leasing and Sales welcomes all trade-ins.